Stan Urban
Stan Urban

05 - Trying To Reach You

album: Through My Door
genre: Rock 'n' Roll
streams: 23
purchase: mp3, 9.2MB, 00:04:02

Through my door with:

David Hungate: Bass
Larrie Londin: Drums
Paul Leim: Drums
Brent Mason: Electric Guitar
Sonny Curtis: Acoustic Guitar
Stan Urban: Grand Piano & Vokal

Additional Musicians:

Carl Gorodetzsky: Strings
Dennis Molchan: Strings
Gary Vanosdale: Strings
Robert F. Mason: Strings
Dennis Soles: Horns
Dennis Wilson: Backing Vokals
Don Tweedy: Additional Keyboards

String & Horn Arrangements:

Don Tweedy

Recording Engineers:

Dave Hieronymos & Chuck Haines


Sonny Curtis & Don Tweedy

Written By:

Stan Urban
05 - Trying To Reach You