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Latest News Entries

Looking back on 2023

by Stan Urban · 4 months ago

First of all, happy 2024. Second of all, sorry for being so lax in posting updates to the site. Technology has never been my strong point.

Many many thanks to my family and friends for all the support during the (you know what) UK TV shows.

Support is one thing but, hard work and hours of effort and time is another thing altogether. (You know who I'm talking about don't you, Mick, Lars, Christaidh and Henrik et. al.) Family and friendship are so precious.

Gig wise, things are heating up for 2024 and I'm really looking forward to the Dundee, June gigs,

Stan Urban and Olly Murs at piano 2023.png

The voice

by Stan Urban · 6 months ago

Still trying to get my head around The Voice UK on TV last night. Thanks for all the kind words from family and friends, not to mention all the great singers on the show. It's a bit humbling, I must say. Most of all, heartfelt thanks to all the people who came to my gigs again and again.

Love, Stan.

Tom Jones and Stan Urban.jpeg