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Latest News Entries

Anecdote of the week

by Stan Urban · 3 months ago

This happened after a gig in Ibiza, 1979.

After a regular nightly gig in La Reja, San Antonio, a chap who had been coming in every night, making requests for obscure rock ' roll numbers, started chatting.

He looked like a musician so I asked him the name of his group.

A few seconds passed by. He replied...

"Led Zeppelin".

It was Robert Plant, and Zeppelin were the biggest band on the planet at the time.

We both laughed at my discomfort, then he introduced me to his wife and kids.

We did a few sets together, and ended up good friends.

New album release!

by Stan Urban · 3 months ago

Playing a Steinway model D Piano has been a dream of mine for many years. During the summer of 2020 my dream came true after I was invited to Juhl Sørensen's wonderful Steinway Piano Showroom in Denmark, for the recording of my latest album.

Being surrounded by so many beautifully crafted Steinways was an exceptional experience I will never forget. Playing one of the Steinways caused the others to gently vibrate their strings, which added an extra something special to the recordings.

'The Steinway Sessions' album has now been released for online sales and is available at

Sound Recording: Mike Wedgewood
Production by: Lars R. Sundstrøm

Thank you, and long live Rock´n´Roll.

Stan xx